I'm taking off! You can now find me here. Please, do come visit, I may have ice cream. I'll definately have treats.


Same Same, But Different.

I've just updated my website with a few new bits and bobs and a spanky new look. Yeah! I've put a bunch of sketchbook-y pages up, including these ones which are process drawings from a project I've been squirreling away on. Can you guess what it's about? Huh? Huh? Can you?


All That Glitters

Vegas might be as tacky as all get out - but it sure is a visual feast of neon and noise. It's can also be proper fun if you play you're cards right (see what I did there).

I had a week of all play and no work with visiting friends, and a quick 48 hours in Las Vegas, staying at The Cosmopolitan Hotel, which has the best foyer I've ever seen (photos below). It's little wonder it's designers Digital Kitchen won last years One Show's Gold Pencil and the Cannes Grand Prix Award for spatial design, with these giant columns of 'living narrative' digital art installations. Find out more about that here.


It's Your Birthday?

For my beloved's birthday.


My Week In Orange.

A  bit of a color theme in the house today. Check out my sweet new kettle, for the cups o' tea. Yes.


Happy Valentines

For my beloved. 


A Somewhat Unrelated Story About Nothing Much.

Once upon a time, I had a friend who had a birthday. My friend was somewhat notorious for her Lego haircut, so on a very special trip to Legoland we picked her very own Mug, with her name on it. And, I made her a little card to go with. Just to show her how special she is. This is it -  it sure is special too.


Hello! It's been a trillion years since last we spoke, but things have been going on, for sure, and here's one of them. My big ole' "Yes" landed on the cover of the San Diego City Beat.  You can read the interview here. Cool huh? How have you been?


The Artist is Present.

I really REALLY wish I'd seen this exhibition by Marina Abramović last year. Abramović, a performance artist, sat at the Museum of Modern Art seven hours a day for three weeks. 'Visitors were encouraged to sit silently across from the artist for a duration of their choosing, becoming participants in the artwork'. Each participant was photographed and documented. Some sitting for hours at a time. These images can be viewed in their entirity here.

Usually I'm not too fussed with performance art, but the simplicity of this appeals. And I'm so intrigued by the photographs. There's a spin off tumblr site dedicated to these, aptly named Marina Abramović made me cry, and I kinda feel like joining in just looking at them, although damned if I know why.

Moma: The Artist is Present via one strange morning.
photographs by Marco Anelli